In the context of its activities, the Daw-Centre provides internships for young students willing to develop their personal potentialities, to imbue themselves with the work world, to acquire new competences and experiences in domains such as office automation, management of projects, and so prepare themselves to the professional life. For the year 2017 the students Dongmo Jean Bruno, Mfout Njoya Heroine Virgine, Ngo Kam Christine Elodie and Nkou Juliette Rosine from the university of Yaounde 1 were selected to do their internship at DAW-Center. The four lucking ones have full with expectations.



My Name is Jean Bruno Dongmo. I'm student in the Department of Germanic Languages, Literatures and Civilizations. Doing an academic internship at the Daw Centre is an avantage for me because the Centre is polyvalent and promotes scientific research. This Centre has a digital communication platform and I hope  that  my expectations regarding the languages, media and communication option would be met.

  According to the theoretical and practical contents of my academic training, I would during the internship like to :

  •          Deepen my knowledge in the creation of a website
  •          Learn how to administer and secure a website
  •          Put digital communication into practice


   My name is Mfout Njoya Heroïne Virginie , a Master student at the university of Yaounde 1, minor Languages Mass Media and Communication. The DAW-Centre offers several interesting activities that can help me acquire more professional experience. That’s why I’m an intern at the centre since 29th November 2017 for my vocational training. I would like to improve my knowledge in website management. I also hope at the end of this internship to be able to:

  • organise an event like the “Alumni-Denkfabrik” or a workshop.
  • learn about project management and digital communication.
  • discover how a printing unit or a publication unit operates.

  Well, this Internship will give me the chance to review my knowledge in the different languages and improves on my knowhow in communication. I would like to provide my contribution to the proper functioning of the centre especially in terms of information and communication that constitute our field of training.


  My name is Ngo Kam Elodie Christine, a Master II student at the University of Yaoundé I , minor Languages, Mass Media and Communication. It is within the framework of professionalisation of teaching that this new option has been created within the German Department of Languages, Literatures and German Civilisations with a module entitled Internship in Companies. It is within the framework of this internship that I find myself at the DaW-Zentrum. My expectations of this internship which will last two (02) months are as follows:

  • To discover the Centre, in other words to better understand the activities of the DAW-Centre and its functioning
  • To put into practice theoretical knowledge acquired during training, notably in Web design and administration of these websites.
  • To acquire new practical knowledge in scientific cooperation.
  • To improve on my German, English and French language with the help of translation.


  I am Nkou Juliette Rosine.  A student in professional Master  at the University of Yaoundé I , minor Languages, Mass Media and Communication.The decision of doing an internship at the DAW Centre was made by the head of Department of German Studies of the University of Yaoundé I. Despite that, I was truly happy and enthusiastic, because I knew that the Centre for German-African Scientific Cooperation was an appropriate place to improve and increase my competences in German and English Languages on both speech and writing and one of their main activities, consist of promoting both languages.

I really expect to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I acquired during the formation at University that are:

  • To  acquire knowledge and expertise on digital and networking communication
  • To learn how to operate websites
  • To create websites
  • To make audio and video montages
  • To organise conferences
  • To make online articles montages
  • To develop learning programmes