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The Centre aims at implementing cooperative knowledge production at the local and international level. It does not only intend to make knowledge production through training possible, but also intends to guarantee that produced knowledge is available online and through publications. The Centre tends to be a place and instrument for the promotion of cultural and scientific animation.  Further goals are:

  • The coordination of the scientific cooperation between African and German Universities.
  • The networking of research projects conducted in cooperation with German research institutions in Africa.
  • The scientific training and mentoring of German and African students.
  • The implementation of e Learning.
  • The constitution of cultural and historical online archives
  • Organisation of international workshops and conferences for the training of postgraduate students and researchers.
  • The conceptualisation of projects and Project management.
  • The networking of German departments of African Universities.
  • The organisation and promotion of online workshops between German departments in Africa.
  • The training of junior researchers about the methodology of elaborating and edition of scientific publications.